Who we are

Sky High Events is a full-service event management agency based in Dubai, UAE. Our vision is to be a one stop solution platform that provide all the services for an event. We can help you create, design, develop and manage all or part of your event, from simply offering ideas and guidance, to comprehensive event planning and management. The foundation for our growth is the understanding of the Region heritage, values and its new cultures diversity era along with the ability of managing each event or project with innovative ideas, strong creative concepts and professional management services. As innovators in the event management industry, we possess cutting edge knowledge that makes us one of the best selections for managing events in the market. And not only in UAE, with our global reach, we are able to manage your event anywhere in the world.
Sky High Events Established in 2009

• Experienced Management of more than 8 years in the business
• Experienced staff of at least 5 years in the business
• Innovative, professional and entirely flexible Our philosophy and over-riding objective is to provide a personal and tailored service for each of our clients. We believe that attention to detail and creative, innovative solutions are crucially important and we constantly strive to surpass event objectives and client expectations